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order management system

iNtima OMS- Order Management System

iNtima OMS  is a Back Office portal which provides complete solution for your order management and  integrated to Customer Front end portal for managing online orders. OMS is designed to cater custom made product category like PCB manufacturing and assembly industries. 

RFQ - Quotes

Sales Order - Work Order

Delivery - Invoice

Follow up

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test automation

TA Complete - Software Testing Automation

TA Complete creates an environment to automate Web application testing without any programming effort. Combines selenium with a powerful script execution engine and simplifies browser operations. It provides an environment to create automated test cases. 

Create Environment

Automated Test cases

No coding skill

Repeat Test - Monitor

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tally integration

iNtima TI - Tally Integration

iNtima TI designed to ease the maintenance of financial transactions between IMS / OMS or any other ERP and Tally. All financial vouchers like Payments / Receipts, Sales / Purchase, Debit / Credit Note can be seamlessly exported to Tally by IMS in real time.

Create Export

Financial Vouchers

Sales - Purchase

Payments - Debit - Credit Notes

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inventory management system

iNtima IMS - Inventory Management System

IMS is an integrated portal to manage your inventory  easily and efficiently. Have complete control over your stocks by tracking, monitoring single or multiple warehouses at real time with clearly defined work flows. IMS is suitable for  SME sector. 

Supplier Management

Products and Items

Purchase Management

Issues and WIP

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bill of material

iNtima BOM- Bill of Material - Auto Quote

Intima BOM is an application built on Templates and aligned with PCB Industry. Facilitate to perform extensive search for potential vendors on the internet for part availability, optimal pricing and automate to generate Quotations or Supplier Orders as per business need.

Dynamic File format

Template - Search

Compare Prices

Import BOM – Create Quotation

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iNtima Ecom - Online E-commerce Portal

iNtima E-commecre is designed have your own customized online portal and helps to expand your market all over the world. Easy intitutive design will ensure better customer experience while ordering online. The portal is fueaterd with made to order custom products. 

Customer Registration

Online Orders

Order tracking

Repeat Orders

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