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iNtima IMS - Inventory Management System


Optimized Procurement

Easy Price Control

Orders Tracking

Receive Vendor Invoices

Track Accounts Payables


Debit Note/Credit Notes

Manage Purchase Order

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Profit driven Fulfillment

Request for Quotations


Create Customer order

Partial Delivery Note

Invoice Generation

Sales Return

Inventory Control

Full View of Inventory

Item Grouping Bundling

Track Item source 

Transfers, Adjustments

FIFO and WAV valuation

Track Item levels 

Real time stock status

Inventory Management

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Manage IMS

Flexible & customizable

Manage Users

Purchase Dashboard

Sales Dashboard

Stock Ledger

Tally Interface

GST payment

Manage IMS

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Manage End to End Procurement flow Seamlessly

Auto Create Purchase Order based on RFQs :   Integration of emails, APIs FTP or online portal to read in vendor response.

Track POs: Complete control over PO status. Integrated comminication via internal or customer notifications.

Collaborate with Technical team : Prepare accurate quote with the help of your technical team, increase customer trust.

Track Payment linked to PO

Querries and Custom Notes : Custom querries and notification options.

PO multiple options: Easily prepare purchase order with different combinations like Quantity, Delivery date etc.

PO Template: Save multiple PO to further automate the process.

Split PO: Split one PO into multiple PO.

Merge PO: Merge multiple PO based onselected items.

Create delivery receipt: one click purchase receipt or purchase return from PO.

Order Fulfillment

Sales and Order fulfilment

Receive and View Quotation from customer.

Create Customer orders from quotation.

Perform patial or full delivery based on priority availability of stock

 Generate sales invoices or make proforma invoices for periodic order in advance.

Manage customer base - regular and new customers information



Delivery and Payment 

Automatically generates partial or full delivery note based on the items delivered.

Manage payment - cash payment, credit or debit note integrated in the system.

 Track sales returns - stock get adjusted automatically to reflect the real time stock of inventory.

 Comprehensive sales dashboard to know volume of sales and need of additional procurement.



Inventory Control

Real ­time Inventory Insights.

Automatically generate sales, purchase order, and active purchase order to know the inventory inflow.

Generate Inventory valuation for inventory price management.

 FIFO cost for accurate tracking.

 Transfer of stock between logical, physical, and virtual departments. 

 Get real­-time records on inventory aging summary and batchwise grouping of inventory.

 Inventory Ledger.

Get Opening balance item wise, item batchwise in real­time inventory levels.

Create report - daily, weekly and monthly summary on inventory availability from one dashboard.

 Move inventory from one department to another -perform stock adjustment.

Expedite Returns

 Get periodic update on good returns.  Automatic adjustment with total stock.

Manage IMS

Flexible and easy to use

IMS application can be tailered to meet all your operational and strategic requirement

Support multiple currency and it can be configured based on local currency

One click dashboard to view complete sales, procurement and inventory history

Maintain users - configure role and responsibility for all type of users

Seperate user group for customers and  suppliers, Access control for different users

GST Interface

Generate monthly GST payment summary

Upload files to GST Portal

Track GST Credit and Liabilities and GST Payments 

Tally Interface

Map Tally accounts to Inventory entities, customers etc

Real time, Automatic creation of vouchers in Tally

Download and view Vouchers. Update / Delete / Cancel Vouchers.